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I am the Chief Economist at Barbour ABI and AMA Research, providing analysis and economic insight for the construction industry. This is the sixth of our weekly briefings on the developments of Coronavirus and the impact on our industry.
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Tom Hall, Chief Economist

COVID-19 Construction Update #12

We want to ensure that our clients have the most up to date information available to them and as such this is the twelfth in a weekly series of briefings on the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on the construction industry. As part of your subscription, each week we will be providing:

• A view of what's happening on the ground and what we can see from future planning
• Help and support you may find useful during this difficult time

As you can imagine the situation is changing on a daily basis. We will do our best to support you with timely and accurate information to allow you to effectively manage your business at this difficult and unprecedented time.

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Construction Industry & Project Activity

This week there has been a further sizeable increase in open projects and a fall in delayed projects. Total open projects have increased in value by £7bn.
We have now identified 2,800 open projects with a value of £96bn (£73bn excluding Hinkley Point)

The results of our research this week suggests that the majority of companies have now reopened all sites. Preparation for restarting work has now also commenced in Scotland.

It appears that the recent shortage of materials is becoming less of a prevalent issue. This week we picked up that only one company is struggling to procure glass.

Impact by sector and region

Whilst the residential sector has again seen the largest change in the volume of open sites, most other sectors have also seen a sizeable increase.

The commercial and retail sector has now overtaken residential as the most delayed sector relative to its size.

In terms of regions, increases across the U.K. have been shared more evenly, though Scotland remains a significant outlier. Overall the North West has the highest increase of open projects this week, with £1.9bn worth of open infrastructure projects confirmed in the region.

Our Chief Economist, Tom Hall, has recorded another video update with a summary of the findings within this week's report. Watch it here,

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