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Welcome to the latest Sancroft newsletter.  This month, we explore the opportunity and responsibility businesses have to break the chains linking our economies, in a vicious cycle of dependency, to the whims of a handful of despotic regimes around the world. We also explore the requirements of the proposed mandatory EU due diligence directive, and sustainability in top-flight football.

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Putin thought he could hold the world to ransom

Putin seemingly calculated that the world’s dependence on Russian exports would outweigh any concerns over Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. While Putin may have misjudged the world’s resolve in this matter, Felix argues that business has an opportunity and responsibility to break the chains linking our economies to the whims of a handful of despotic regimes around the world.


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Mandatory value chain due diligence in the EU

The requirements of the latest European proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, will require companies operating in the EU to identify and take action in relation to environmental and human rights risks in their supply chains. The directive will create new obligations that will make the actual and potential risks to people and the environment more visible and more directly in scope of a company’s responsibilities.


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A more beautiful game: Sustainability in football comes of age

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key strategic concern for football clubs. Matthew Thorogood explains how football clubs have a disproportionately large influence on the sustainability agenda in comparison to their size as businesses, and two things all clubs should be doing right now.


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