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Welcome to Sancroft’s mid-COP26 newsletter. The first week was defined by the positions, signals and commitments – however big or small – of global leaders. The second week is where the real action happens, when negotiators twist arms for hard promises and prise open purses for funding. The Glasgow Declaration has yet to be written, but it will be the real test of the success of this momentous historic gathering. We hope you enjoy this month’s insight into issues ranging from emerging climate policy divergence, scope 3 and supply chain decarbonisation, and the upcoming Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme. 
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Responding to Emerging Climate Policy Divergence: Takeaways for Business
Policy divergence is expected to increase as devolved and local governments develop their own approaches to climate action. At Sancroft, we’ve identified four key takeaways that businesses can use to begin navigating impending impacts.
Read more from our Consultant, Jessica Clavette 
Spotlight On Scope 3 And Supply Chain Decarbonisation
With COP26 now well underway, the topic of credible climate change – or net zero – commitments is high on the agenda. Decarbonising supply chains will be key to tackling the climate emergency. To date, too many corporate net zero commitments have been too limited in scope and won’t deliver the change needed.
             Read more from our Consultant, Rachel Horigan 
Extended Producer Responsibility
Our Consultant Alisa Dormon has been working together with Practical Law at Thompson Reuters Legal to produce two videos detailing everything you need to know as a business looking to respond to the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Schemes in the UK.
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