London fft host a brand new event at the Hiver Beers and Taproom Bermondsey

Wednesday 2nd August saw the fft host a brand new event at the Hiver Beers and Taproom Bermondsey.

New to the Bermondsey mile Hiver a surrey based brewery, specialising in sustainable insect-friendly honey beer utilising Urban based bee keepers, have teamed up with Harviestoun, Scottish based award winning brewery, for a wonderful evening of beer and food pairing.
Popular amongst beer culture is to promote beer as the scientific master piece it is, too long wine through archaic marketing "red with meat white with fish" have been getting the plaudits when it comes to choosing a beverage with your meal. No longer, leading the way is Mikkeller who aims to provide a serious alternative to wine and champagne with gourmet food and has demonstrated this with a number of his locations offering a genuine dining experience to accompany your beer.
Hiver and Harviestoun are amongst the many other breweries promoting this shift in the norm and their new beer and manapés experience does just that pairing a combination of Harviestoun and Hiver beers with a carefully selected food pairing prepared by the excellent chefs of Kitchen Party. There are a total of six pairings, each has been tested, tweaked and improved to ensure that their flavours compliment and embellish the tasting experience of the beer.

This is a great event and one I'm sure will remain a regular for the fft.
Whilst we have not experienced it, their Urban beekeeping and craft beer tasting experience sounds like another great opportunity to broaden our appreciation of beer.

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